January 29, 2011

Mucus Fishing Syndrome

Suffering from strings of mucus on a daily basis? If the severity of the mucus is abundant where you insist on constantly wiping it from your eyes you might just have 'Mucus Fishing Syndrome (MFS)'. MFS includes increased mucus production through ocular irritation. However, when you reach into your eyes to remove the mucus you could be further irritating your eyes. This condition can last for years. Some times it can be embarrassing to admit to your peers let alone your optometrist but if they are not informed of this condition, the road to recovery will cease to exist.

If you think you might have MFS, pinpointing the problem is key. Are you allergic to certain things you eat but are unaware of it? Have you been neglecting your eyes through overuse of contact lenses? Make sure you know the side effects of any medications you may take as they may agitate the eyes. There is no one answer fix here but for more information please visit the websites below.


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